Welcome! This website belongs to PolyluxMarx and provides material for use while reading Capital.

With a collection of annotated PowerPoint slides PolyluxMarx aims to support the appropriation and knowledge impartation of the critique of political economy.

PolyluxMarx - A Capital Workbook in Slides
Slide by slide along the lines of argument: central concepts of the first volume of Marx's Capital – ideal for reading courses that last several months
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You can download all of the PowerPoint slides available on the following pages and preview the slides in a set by clicking on it.

PolyluxMarx was created as part of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s work in political education. It is published by Karl Dietz Verlag.

More information about courses in reading Capital and about the critique of political economy is available at: http://www.das-kapital-lesen.de.